• Dual digital display provide temp. setting value and measured value visually.
    • PID control system enables deviation odf solder temperature and setting temperature to be minimized.
    • No need to monitor the temperature.
    • Excellent accuracy of setting value and measured value at very minimal tolerance as ±{(displayed value * 1.25%)+1℃}
    • Buit-in warning lamp to detect beyond the upper and lower limit temperature range.
    • Adopted sheathed heater. ( POT-350C )
    • Stainless steel solder pot with superior durability and corrosion resistance.
    • Separated structure of solder pot and heater allow simple replacement of each part. ( POT-100C , POT-200C )
    • Replacement parts:Heater, Solder pot, Sensor and Heat insulation board.

    NOTE:Do not use lead-free solder for the POT-350C.


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